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released July 17, 2013



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The Worst Five Minutes Of Your Life Burlington, Vermont

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Track Name: Analysis
Reinstate a boundary taken into analysis. what it takes to remain clear, is not a mistake to hold dear, prevail through the hard part, will steer away from blame. this time it's real.
Track Name: Statement
Listen to the voice that tells, everything to do wrong, it will make a statement, too tempting to care. release consequence release fear.
Track Name: It's Our Job
it's hard enough to know for instinct to, exist in a time it's criticized. then it's judged to fill a page, that takes focus to state the obvious. it's our job reconcile, differences it's an art form, practice in spare time, seems so easy to contemplate.
Track Name: The Analogy Points To...
take their meaning and fault which the analogy points to. all is bad to cover intentions are open.
Track Name: The Late Heavy Bombardment
raining down from above, pulverizing into dust. caught in the crossfire of the shifting tides, each shot fired a bullseye strike on you, total obliteration of the sense of ones self. you're battered to the core crust exists no more, you're battered to the core life shattered once more. the late heavy bombardment
Track Name: Keep It Interesting
resign to the fact the light is near, those we wish to create. keep it interesting don't think twice, forget about the light. forget about the light, tends to go out anyway, new light is created through opportunity.
Track Name: Routine Is Obsolete
found the sense that right is near, it will stay execution of thoughts and sequences were right all along. self important torture, routine is obsolete, to a point it sticks, think that it might again. this game is old, intentional stasis. fabric demise a statement to all, will consume a portion of static isolation.
Track Name: Deny Any Claim
what's at stake what went wrong, there seems to be no choice, deny any claim it used to be once theirs. surrender to the obligation reenact whats real, fight for a moment of salvation give in too close to feel.
Track Name: Moot Point
it's a moot point.